This week in lab I learned how to fabricate a chicken in a new way. I separated the wings, breasts, thighs and legs. I also learned how to retrieve the oysters which I didn’t know how to do beforehand. I made a Chicken Supreme, which is when you leave one bone sticking out of the breast. Then we breaded the chicken tenders and fried them. Next we deboned the thighs and filled them with the stuffing I had made, after this we pan fried them. We also made hot wings, which, of course, were delicious. We made veloute sauce which was then made into a pan sauce and used on the Chicken Supreme. After we fabricated the chicken we roasted the bones so we could make brown stock out of them. I learned the different between white and brown stock. White is un-roasted bones when the brown has roasted bones. I’m really starting to like this lab.

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