First day of lab

So I went into lab yesterday thinking that we were going to sit there and listen to our teacher talk about rules of the kitchen, where everything is, and basicly do nothing, which, we did, but we also practiced our knife cuts. Honestly I was very surprised that we actually went straight to working. I really like the kitchen because it’s pretty spacious, despite all the clutter from the boxes. I can tell already I am going to enjoy cooking in this kitchen very much and i can’t wait to get into the real cooking instead of just knife cuts.  Looking at the syllabus, I see a couple of labs i am really looking forward to. For example, I really want to do the fish labs, just because I never really get the chance to cook fish and I want to learn some of the techniques of keeping the fish intact whilst cooking it, because that it one of my biggest problems with fish. Although I have the labs I am looking forward to, I can’t really see one that I don’t want to be a part of, which is a good thing so I am really looking forward to future labs. i am going to have a lot of fun this semester.

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